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Free UK Delivery on orders Over £60

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Totally Plants offer the widest online selection of premium, luxury houseplants and office plants in the UK. We’ve been supplying premium quality plants to our valued clients for over 30 years.

Free UK delivery on all orders over £60

Plants are a beautiful and valuable addition to any home or office. We can supply indoor plants for most environments including kitchens, sitting rooms and bathrooms, through to beautiful large statement plants for sunny conservatories and expansive offices.

With a wide range of plants to choose from alongside a great selection of planters and accessories we are sure you will find the perfect green leafed companion for your home or office space.

Only the Very Best for Our Customers

All of our plants are imported from the very highest quality nurseries in Holland and Belgium. We ensure that all our plants reach you free from pests and in the best possible condition.

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Large Indoor Plants

Take a look at our premium range of large and tall indoor plants, We also have a range of plant care products to help keep them looking great. premium quality and free UK delivery on all orders over £60. Need some help? get in touch with us today for free expert advice. Call 01825 841194

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Office Plants

We offer an extensive range of plants and containers suitable for offices and corporate environments. Choose from simple desktop pot plants and indoor palm trees to ready planted complete displays.

Any of our displays for offices can be supplied in attractive planters and self-watering containers. If you prefer to rent your plants and have them maintained we can do that too. See our website at if you are interested in office plant rental

We offer a free planting service (subject to minimum order value) and as much expert advice as you need to keep your office plants in top condition.

Why Are Indoor Plants Good for Offices?

Plants enhance your corporate image and are a natural way to control humidity, and refresh and purify the air, which makes your office a healthier, happier, and more productive place to work.

Psychologists have found that they can also reduce stress, contribute to increased employee satisfaction and productivity. Office plants also make great partitions and help to absorb office noise and chatter.

House Plants

The Benefits of Having Plants in Your
Working Environment

Take a deep breath is your office air dry?

Technology today means that offices are full of computers, printers and photocopiers which often cause your office atmosphere to be too dry. If your office windows don’t open or perhaps you have air conditioning the benefit of indoor plants will be quickly apparent.

Plants help increase the humidity in the air making you feel invigorated and more calm.

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Help I Don’t Know What Indoor Plant to Buy

It is important to understand the most suitable environmental conditions for plants before purchasing. Consider the lighting condition, humidity, and how easy they are to care for.

We have a range of options that are super easy to look after. Our low maintenance products, such as ZZ plant and Mother In Law’s Tongue, can withstand any light condition and minimum watering. Succulents need plenty of light but survive with very little water.

If you are looking for easy care indoor plants view our article “Hard to Kill House Plants

We are always available to help advise on plants for your home or office. Please call 01825 841194 we are always happy to help.

UK delivery information

We deliver all over the UK and the British Isles, with shipping costs starting from as low as £10.00 per order (not per item!). We offer free UK delivery on orders over £60.00

If you need help selecting the best options for your home or office, or need further advice on the suitability of any of our products, please give our experts a call.

Why Totally Plants?

Established for over 30 years We have a wealth of experience in supplying and maintaining premium quality products, commercial planting schemes, and displays.

We take great pride in the quality of the plants we supply. It’s the reason why so many of our customers keep coming back for more. We supply domestic clients and businesses, film premieres in the UK and overseas, clients on super yachts, and we are delighted to have won the trust and long-term loyal custom of large companies such as Sutton and East Surrey Water.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, or you need further guidance on which option is right for your home or office, please get in touch by calling 01825 841194 or simply email us your inquiry. Or take a look at our FAQ page for common issues and solutions.

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