Best Hanging Plant - Planters & Pots

Our favourite five planters for your trailing indoor plants

Rough Eileen Pot

Perfect for our hanging plants like the Scindapsus Trebie, a collection of 3 Ficus Pumilas or, a Rhipsalis Heteroclada (pictured). We think you’ll love this fiberclay planter.

Patt Medium Pot for Trailing Plants

We wanted to add some hanging planters for those of you that are building a collection or mixing up the dynamics in your space. We love these and hope you do to.

Wally Hanging

These wall mounted planters are made of a substance called Fibrestone which is nearly indistinguishable from solid stone but has the advantage of being a fraction of the weight.

Artstone Fiona Hanger

Artstone is a light weight Eco friendly plastic. The Artstone Fiona Planter is frost proof and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Imagine your tumbling toms growing in these Eco friendly hanging planters.

Multivorm Hanging Planter

Large and colourful ideal for office spaces or reception areas. We love these planters.