8 Indoor Plants That Thrive in Low Light Levels

One of the biggest challenges indoor plant lovers face is providing adequate light for their plants. We have picked out eight of our favourite and most popular indoor plants that do just fine in low light levels without the need for direct sunlight. All indoor plants need some light but the ones below will thrive not just survive in low light.

A popular evergreen climber that originates from the tropical Central American regions including South Mexico, Panama and Columbia.

Swiss Cheese Plant
Fiddle Leaf Ficus

The Fiddle leaf Ficus Lyrata (stem) is a wonderfully architectural plant. It has big, dark green leaves. The Fiddle Leaf Ficus is an exceptional indoor plant.

The Epipremnum is a charismatic specimen with glossy heart-shaped leaves. It would compliment most if not all interior styles and would be the finishing touch to any space.

Epipremnum (Devil’s Ivy)
Chamaedorea Metallica

From the parlour palm family, if placed in bright light the leaves turn a grey green colour- hence the name metalica.

This classic indoor palm known as the Kentia is native to Australia.The Kentia palm also known as the Howea Forsteriana has elegant structured lush green leaves and is fairly easy to maintain.

Howea Forsteriana (Kentia Palm)
Dracaena Steudneri Carousel (Corn Plant)

The Dracaena “Steudneri Carousel ” has lush wide green leaves and can produce the most fragrant flowers. The “Steudneri ” is widely known as the Corn Plant.

The Philodendron Scandens, also known as the "heartleaf plant" is an elegant slender moss pole plant with luxurious glossy green leaves.

Philodendron Scandens
Dracaena Janet Craig

One of our best sellers for many years. The Dracaena Janet Craig is a household favourite as it is easily maintained. This specimen is very versatile, adapting to both home and office conditions.

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