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We create beautiful displays using only the best quality plants and a large variety of planters. Office Planters LTD and Totally Plants are a family company with no ambition to rule the world, which is why we limit our work to a radius of 50 miles from Eastbourne, East Sussex. We can still supply you with plants if you are outside of this radius.

Totally Plants is a family run business originally established in 1986, so we have a wealth of experience creating beautiful displays. From small offices and workspaces to very large commercial spaces – we have a plant rental solution that will work for you. Unbelievably, we are still working with some of the customers that started using our services back in the ’80s – so we must be doing something right!

We work to the philosophy that it is important to look after the customer and their office plants properly. Many of our competitors think that this business is all about contracts (the kind you find it hard to get out of). If you rent your office plants from us, we ask you to sign a contract, but it is so reasonable that we are happy to let you download a copy from our website to read before you even contact us.

Environmental benefits of having plants in your office and workplace
You will probably have heard and read in the press that NASA has been conducting experiments with plants and testing their ability to clean certain chemicals from the air and combat sick building syndrome.

While plants can take traces of chemicals, such as formaldehyde, out of the atmosphere. It is probably what the plants put back into the air that is most important.

Today’s information technology means that offices are full of computers, printers, scanners, and photocopiers. All these necessary office tools have hot circuit boards making the office atmosphere too dry. A symptom of this is static shocks from desks and filing cabinets.

If your office windows don’t open and you get headaches, the benefit of plants will be apparent. Plants will help increase the humidity in the air, making you feel much better – a good way to cure your sick building syndrome.

In addition to making people feel better physically, plants are often credited with reducing stress and helping to aid concentration. They also generate good business relations by demonstrating to your clients that your company cares for its staff: good morale is good for your workers and productive happy workers are good for your bottom line.

Why Choose Us?

We have a wealth of experience in supplying and maintaining premium quality office plants, commercial planting schemes, and displays.

We take great pride in the quality of the plants we supply. It’s the reason why so many of our customers keep coming back for more. We supply domestic clients and businesses, film premieres in the UK and overseas, clients on superyachts, and we are delighted to have won the trust and long-term loyal custom of large companies such as Sutton and East Surrey Water.

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If you have any questions, or you need further guidance on which option is right for your home or office, please get in touch by calling 01825 841194 or simply email us your inquiry. Or take a look at our FAQ page for common issues and solutions.

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