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Dracaena Riki Branched 1.4m





The Dracaena Rikki features deep rich green leaves with highlighted yellow bands in the centre running the length of the leaf.

This specimen is structurally pleasing with a colour pattern that provides an interesting alternative choice to other Dracaena varieties.

It’s difficult to find many plants that are colourful and maintain their colour when placed indoors under lower light conditions. That’s one of the excellent qualities that Dracaena ‘Rikki’ exhibits and the reason many people use this variety of Dracaena in their home and office.

The Rikki is happy with low light situations and doesn’t need a lot of water.


Recommended planters

Quadro 43cm
Classico 43cm

Product Description for Dracaena Riki Branched 1.4m


  • Good to medium light
  • Water when dry
  • Liquid feed – April to September


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