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Fiddle Leaf Ficus Lyrata stem (overall height 1.5m-1.6m pot 27cm)


The Fiddle leaf Ficus Lyrata (stem) is a wonderfully architectural plant. It has big, dark green leaves. The Fiddle Leaf Ficus is an exceptional indoor plant. This makes it a lovely addition to the home or office. Furthermore, the Fiddle Leaf Ficus Lyrata adds shape and structure to a space. As a result, this makes it very popular with interior designers. Heavily featured in social media and design magazines, this plant is definitely “trending”.

This plant has big waxy leaves which are great for cleaning your air. The bigger and greener the leaves, the more carbon the plant will absorb. Therefore this plant keeps you healthier!

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Product Description for Fiddle Leaf Ficus Lyrata stem (overall height 1.5m-1.6m pot 27cm)


  • Good light, can cope with full sun
  • Water once every two weeks if planted in a planter, otherwise keep moist
  • Liquid feed – April to September
  • Love!

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