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Monstera Obliqua (Monkey Mask) Pot Size 14 cm


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Product Description for Monstera Obliqua (Monkey Mask) Pot Size 14 cm

The famous Monstera’s cheeky, little brother, the Monkey Mask plant! With it’s holey leaves and interesting structure, this plant is a must have for collectors. Obliqua’s look wonderful as part of a mixed display, in a Terrarium or, standing/hanging pride of place on your shelf.

The Obliqua needs medium to indirect full sun to thrive but will tolerate slightly less. However, as with the Monstera, without enough light the leaves won’t develop the signature holes we love so much. In a sunny spot you will need to water this plant regularly, as they will not appreciate being dry for too long. We love the Monstera Obliqua and have our very own on the desk with us here!


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