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Large Indoor Plants

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We offer an extensive range of large and tall indoor plants, all of which are perfect for your office or home. These plants are “large” with many over 1.2 metres tall and up to 1.5 metres. All our plants are premium quality imported from the very highest quality nurseries in Holland and Belgium.

Make a statement in your home with one of our tall Dracaenas, or adorn your front room with a large Cheese Plant. Decorate your Bathroom, Bedroom Kitchen or Hallway with these natural beauties. For the office or hospitality environment why not add a large Ficus or Philodendron to your workspace to help purify the air, produce a calm working environment and create a botanical focal point for visitors.

If you’re looking for something a bit more tropical, we have a fantastic selection of palms,  moss pole plants, and large Ficus to liven up your home and office.

The Largest of Them All

Some indoor plants grow very tall the following are probably the largest of them all.

  • Snake Plants / Mother In Laws Tongue ( With its sword like foliage these plants grow fast and tall and suite almost any style or decor )
  • Rubber Plant ( Can grow 2 ft in one season can grow to 10ft tall “if you let them” )
  • Fiddle Leaf Plant (Can grow 1-2 ft per year indoors and grow to a huge 10ft tall “if you want them to”)
  • Weeping Fig / Ficus ( These are also tall and fast growing indoor plants growing to 6ft if cared for properly )

Large Indoor Plants Delivered to Your Door

Transporting a big house plant from a nursery or shop into your car and then getting it into your home can be quite a struggle. We bring your favourite indoor plants right to your front door. We also sell live complete displays for the commercial and hospitality sectors. These large plants come planted up in a planter ready to install.

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If you need expert advice to help choose your ideal indoor plant please contact us on 01825 841194  

Large Indoor Plant Pots

We also supply large plant pots to go with your new foliage friends. We keep all of these plant pots /plant containers in stock, so that we can give you a quick and efficient service. If you don't find the perfect plant pot of choice why not call us and we can source the perfect container. We are always happy to help. Call 01825 841194  .



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