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Planter Accessories

We have selection of planter accessories on offer to complement our range of planters and plant containers. Self-watering sub-irrigation systems are available for the following Lechuza Planters:

Lechuza’s irrigation system is perfect for dispensing just the right amount of water needed by your plants for optimum growth. The self watering system comprises:

• Water level indicator for easy monitoring
• Water supply shaft for topping up with water and liquid fertiliser
• Lechuza-Pon pure mineral plant substrate to optimise water transport and root aeration
• Separator to create a water reservoir at the bottom of the planter
• Drain plug for water removal outdoors

Simply fill the water reservoir to the required level to achieve a balanced water supply for up to 12 weeks.

Additional planter accessories for LECHUZA CUBICO and LECHUZA RONDO include an inner liner that contains the water reservoir and entire irrigation system. The liner can be bought as part of the self watering system, or can be purchased separately.

Additional planter accessories for LECHUZA CLASSICO includes a wheel plate with hidden castors so that the planter can be moved around the house or garden easily.

Please note the plant and container must be purchased separately. See also our range of planters in stock.

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