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Quirky Plants

Quirky Indoor Plants

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This page is for those of you with an avid interest in unusual tropical plants. We have managed to source some highly desirable specimen plants from the novice to the most green fingered of folks. Please be aware this section of plants is not for the faint hearted!

  • Calathea mixed

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  • a variegated ficus robusta in a grow pot

    Ficus Elastica Belize/Tineke

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  • a tall stem with a lollipop top made of small variegated leaves of cream and green, sold in a grow pot

    Ficus Rubiginosa ‘Variagata’ pot 45 1.5m

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  • Philodendron Brasil Hanger Pot 15cm

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  • Philodendron Imperial Red 80cmx80cm pot 27cm

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  • Rhipsalis Heteroclada pot size 21cm

    Rhipsalis Heteroclada Pot Size 21cm

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  • Ananas Comosus with fruit 14cm pot

    Ananas Comosus With Fruit 14cm Pot

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  • Phlebodium Aureum (Blue star fern) 26cm pot

    Phlebodium Aureum (Blue star fern) 26cm pot

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  • Murdannia Loriformus (bright Star) 40cm Pot

    Murdannia Loriformus (bright Star) 40cm Pot

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  • Microsorum Ferox 29cm pot

    Microsorum Ferox 29cm Pot

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  • Platycerium Bifurcatum (Staghorn fern) 28cm pot

    Platycerium Bifurcatum (Staghorn Fern) 28cm Pot

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  • Strelitzia Reginae 1.3m Pot

    Strelitzia Reginae 1.3m Pot Size 35cm Supplied in Flower Winter Only

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  • Pachypodium Lamerei 1.10 Pot size 35cm

    Pachypodium Lamerei 1.10 Pot Size 35cm

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  • Ficus Panda

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  • Araucaria Heterophylla 1.2m 30cm Growing Pot

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  • Araucaria Cunninghamii Bonsai 0.7m tall pot size 28cm

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  • Monstera Obliqua (Monkey Mask) Pot Size 14 cm

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