Moss Pole Plants

Moss Pole Plants

Some plants require support especially as they start to grow. You have done a great job looking after your devil’s ivy or umbrella plant but now what . . . . its starting to sag and look dishevelled and flopping across your dining room. It may be time to purchase a moss pole. Moss poles support growth on plants that in the wild grow vertically up trees and alike. Some plants have aerial roots and moss poles create an environment where roots can spread creating a healthier plant.

How a Moss Pole Helps Your Plant Grow

Epiphytes are a type of plant ( often a vine ) that grows on the surface of another plant ( up the branches of a tree as an example ) and derive their moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, water, or debris accumulating around the plant. Moss poles mimic this environment providing a surface that your plant's roots can attach to and somewhere to get nutrients from. Keeping your moss pole moist provides a steady amount of moisture to keep your indoor plant healthy. Moss poles imitate the natural habitat of a wide selection of indoor plants. You can of course support these plants in a number of ways, you can train your indoor plant to climb a wall or pieces of wood or trellis even across and up existing shelving but the advantage of moss poles is how they retain moisture and provide micronutrients. See the bottom of this page for plants we sell that are suitable to grow on moss poles.

How to Use a Moss Pole

First, work out how tall your moss pole needs to be. it should always be taller than the longest vine on your plant.

Firstly fully saturate your moss pole in water then insert the wooden end (our poles are plastic ) into the soil of your planter. ( take care not to damage any roots of your precious plant )

Then wrap the vines of your plant around the moss pole and secure with twine as you work your way up the pole. Be alert to any nodes that are on your plant where leaves meet the stem as this is where roots will develop, so make sure there is contact with the moss pole when you can in these areas . . . now sit back and watch your plant grow.

Moss Pole Maintenance

Spray your moss pole often or pour water down the pole when watering your plants so all of your plants' roots get adequate moisture. As your plant starts to put out extra roots from the leaf nodes you can remove the twine that was holding the vine in place.

If and when your plant outgrows your moss pole you can bind a new one to the existing or train your plant to go back down and bulk out the growth area. if your plant outgrows the planter just transfer the pole and plant together to a new planter. Should you ever need to remove a plant from a moss pole it can be difficult and care must be taken. Buy moss poles online here.

Our Popular Moss Pole Plants